• Pre-design Visualization and Facade Development

    Harnessing years of experience, GPM is able to create complete project visualizations from a few sketches and minimal input. We will render your architectural intentions and ideas into a fully developed looking project, before you commit to a final design or even enter design process.

    Alternative Imaging

    We accompany projects throughout the planning process, and provide developers with additional alternative imaging. The alternatives minimize the decision making time and enable a faster, most efficient planning process.

    Architectural Renderings

    Architectural renderings are a key element in a client’s success while pitching a design to a municipal planning committee or potential investor. The visual installs a sense of confidence and successfully conveys the vision, for a better grasp of the architect’s intent.
    Conventional models lack detail and innovation, whereas GPM’s detailed architectural renderings truly seal the deal.

    Visual Analysis

    Eliminate speculation with a visual analysis: GMP incorporates an image of the finished project with a current image of the intended site, so investors can enjoy a visualization of the expected end result.
  • Virtual Tours

    Enhance your portfolio with virtual tours, displaying a unique panoramic view of your project. A virtual tour offers a sense of security and control among future clients, whom can witness previous projects first-hand. This is the best method of displaying and sharing for designers and architects, without having to be confided to still images alone.

    Animations and Run-throughs

    When attempting to fully convey a vision, the options are limitless. Rather than settling for a dull presentation, GPM utilizes its many years of expertise to offer a detailed animation of the project – from the landscape and scenery, through paths and plants, down to the interior and finer details.

    2D Illustrated Floor Plans

    GPM converts 2D drawings and floor plans into visually stunning, colored illustrations, more suitable when presenting a design to investors or planning committees. These drawings better communicate the site and floor plans, highlighting special features and ensuring a better understanding of the project and its nature.